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2014 27 Aug
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Using the broadest strokes, Baby Boomers, who grew up in the land of plenty that was postwar America, spent their formative years as spenders. Cynical Generation X, aptly distrustful that either government or business would take care of them, turned out to be precocious risk-takers. Millennials, coddled by their helicopter parents and scared straight by ...

2014 25 Aug
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I’ve been searching for sometime now for a way to explain the difference between a Roth and a Traditional IRA, and the necessity of having an IRA at all. Fortunately, Fidelity created exactly what I had in mind, and it’s perfect for us visual learners:   personal unsecured loans with bad credit https://www.fidelity.com/learning-center/personal-finance/retirement/rediscover-the-power-of-the-ira?imm_pid=3&immid=00854&imm_eid=e41152338&buf=999999 ...

2014 22 Aug

I confess to being one of the people sneering at all the “ice bucket challenge” videos flooding my Facebook page. Do I care about ALS? Sure. Do I think that pouring ice over your head raises ALS awareness? Not so much. I’m not certain half the people getting ice dumped on their heads can even ...

2014 20 Aug
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Here are some very basic tips if you are trying to get more organized this year (a popular New Year’s Resolution that often falls by the wayside!):   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSwRlqQJm-U Obligations ...

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