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Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to Common Questions

What makes Das-Brooks different?

I am a small business focused on treating people the way I wish to be treated. I am not a CPA. I am a licensed tax preparer and professional bookkeeper who completes all the preliminary work; gathering information, organizing, classifying and reconciling your records to create various reports at a reduced rate. I file Corporate and Individual Tax Returns.


What I do best?

I make your life easier and put your mind at peace so that you can focus on your business.


What do you do for me as a business owner? I let you:

  • A. Focus on Your Core Business: My service will give you peace of mind so you can focus on your customers to increase your net profit.
  • B. Avoid Costly Mistakes: Accurate records and account analysis can identify problems while still manageable.
  • C. Be Informed: Know the financial position of your business each day. Have the financial information necessary to make informed decisions.
  • D. Be Organized: Archived financial reports always at hand and secure when you, your CPA, or your banker needs them.
  • E. Improve Cash Flow: Efficient billing and debt collection can help restore positive cash flow and reduce the need for borrowing or making late payments.
  • F. Reduce Costs and Save Time: No need to invest in bookkeeping equipment, full or part-time employees. Reduce your time spent making calculations and doing the books.


Why do you need a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper is needed for many different reasons; from day to day bookkeeping to financial analysis, paying your bills and keeping track of your payroll. I handle all of those things and everything in between that overwhelms you.


Should you hire someone part time?

I can offer you as much or as little service as you need, whether it is 20 hours a week or just a few hours each month. If your needs are not that great, the chances of hiring someone willing to work just a few hours are remote. With an employee, even part-time, you have to add the cost of payroll taxes, benefits, workers compensation, disability and administration.


How does it work?

I can either do the work in your office or work remotely from my office.


How much do I charge?

I tailor packages to each individual client. Typically, I will set up a meeting with you to discuss what services you need and what sort of bookkeeping system you have in place. I work on an hourly rate. Before we meet, it is helpful if you provide your level of financial activity. This can include the number of checks written per month, number of customers you have, vendors and employees. I do have specific rates per hour for specific needs. Contact me for a Rate Sheet.


Do you have to commit to a certain amount of time?

Absolutely not. I provide only the services you want and only for as long as you want them. I will only bill you after the services are performed.


Is your business too small for me to provide services to you?

I specialize in independent contractors and small/mid sized businesses. I cater to the companies that seek professional bookkeeping and would like to save on their bottom line.


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