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2014 16 Aug
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If you’ve been caught in the housing crash the last few years, or are upside-down in your home and want to pay down the balance of your mortgage, here are innovative ideas available to help defray the cost of homeownership.


  • Rent out some space: Got a garage? A home office? A bonus room? There are alternatives to a full-home rental available. College students often prefer renting just a room with kitchen privileges, and their parents usually need somewhere to stay on graduation weekend. Bedandbreakfast.com is one site that can guide you through the process of renting out part of your house during festivals and other times when hotels tend to book up. If you live near the lake, you can offer space all summer long for temporary vacationers who don’t have an RV. Homeowners in the Atlanta area can rent their parking spaces to commuters, and there are web sites to help them list the location and times of availability. In addition, business startups love garages since the magic of Apple started in one. Google was born in Mrs. Wojcicki’s garage, and she is now the CEO of YouTube. Check with local zoning laws and determine whether you need a business insurance policy if you are going to go this route, though.


  • Generate your own electricity: Wind companies can install a single turbine, enough to power your home and feed some back to the power grid, which gives you a credit. With a company such ass United Wind, you don’t pay up front for the turbine, but will receive a greatly reduced power bill from your utility provider and one for power you draw from the turbine at a below market rate. Typical savings is around ten percent, which makes a real difference when those summer months kick the a/c into high gear.


  • Work from home: A work-from-home business allows for a variety of tax write-offs. A percentage of your utilities, interest on your mortgage, even your insurance, ┬ácan all add up to quite a savings in April. Add in cost of goods sold, business supplies, mileage, and travel expenses such as meals and lodging, and it’s no wonder so many moms are acting as home business owners while they raise their children. There is a wide variety of home business options, from real estate to medical billing and data entry to sales of everything from jewelry to candles to housewares and makeup, so there is sure to be one to fit your interests.


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